What we do.


The Written Word.eu provides a text proofing service for those in the academic, professional and business setting. 

For an affordable fixed fee, The Written Word.eu  will proofread, correct and return a submitted document or file in the English Language with a guaranteed turn-round time.  E-mail, Web Text, PowerPoint Slides, Articles, Academic Papers or your next book; The Written Word.eu has the demonstrable experience and background to help you communicate and publish effectively.

Guaranteed Service

Your work will be processed by fully qualified staff, with a proven level of English language proficiency & a record of successful international publishing.  The Written Word.eu  ensures a confidential service at all times - no work will be disclosed to 3rd parties and the original authors rights will be respected.

The Chief Editor, Dr. Nicholas Rowe is a UK graduate, did his PhD in Finland, and is a native speaker of the English language.  With over 20 years experience in professional healthcare as a registered practitioner, he has lectured within the university setting both in the UK and internationally, with numerous conference publications and presentations.  A currently active academic, he has published clinical and academic books, professional articles, and academic papers which have been published in world top-ranked journals in his field, with IF of >30.  He is a Fellow of both the UK Higher Education Academy and the Institute for Learning, and a nationally registered (UK) teacher with full teaching qualifications. He specialises in scientific communication, academic writing to post-doctoral level and international journal article compilation.

Don't just go by a credential - see examples of his publications for yourself at : Research Gate , Academia.edu or visit his  Linked-In Profile             

**   Institutional Invoicing  with 30 days credit  **

In response to our academic & business clients, we are happy to offer institutional invoicing.  An invoice will be sent to the person authorising payment, for processing by your institution. We will process your work immediately & return it to you as soon as authorisation is confirmed.  For an instant service, our on-line payment system is guaranteed secure & we accept all major debit / credit cards, as well as the PayPal secure system.  All invoiced payments must be made by direct bank transfer or through our on-line secure facility within 30 days of receipt unless specified.  


2015   Price   Comparison ? 

  • 6000 words advanced editing with Wiley takes 6 days & costs  €494.15
  • 6000 words advanced editing with The Written Word.eu (5 days) costs only € 208.32 ... including taxes  ;-)

You save >  € 285.83  and it's faster (even our 2 day express service only costs €334.80)     ;-)

Our Services.

Need Translation ?    

We have teamed up with Tomedes.com to provide you a quality international translation service in all major languages.  Tomedes promises the highest level of accuracy for any type of business translation, using experienced native speakers to ensure appropriate professional communication.   All of our clients receive a 10% discount on published prices, when referred by us.  Contact: michal@tomedes.com    m     .
How our service works ....

  1.  E-mail it to: service@thewrittenword.eu 

  2.  Payment

If your university / company is paying for the service :

  • Just send the e-mail contact of the person who authorises payment. They will be sent the invoice & can pay by direct bank transfer or on-line within 30 days.  [Your work is processed immediately we have confirmed the payers contact details]  

 If you are paying for the service : 

  • Submit your text / document on-line.  Pay securely via our PayPal system, by Credit / Debit card or alternatively, ask for Direct Bank Transfer details.  Your work is processed immediately we have confirmed payment.   

  3.  We acknowledge all receipts

  4.  Your work is returned by e-mail in a guaranteed time

We are cheaper than almost all of our competitors (prices unchanged since 2011), have proven experience (not just the credentials) & a demonstrable record of success you can see for yourself.  See our customer feedback page.  
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