Proofreading Service

We all make mistakes!  Proofreading is looking for errors in work that appears to be relatively error-free.  It is performed to find mistakes in spelling, punctuation, verb endings, and verb tenses etc, before the writing is submitted or published.  Only minor editing is provided, where this improves the clarity and readability of the work.  Sometimes, if we have worked on a text for a long time, it becomes over familiar & we fail to spot errors:  Our Proofreading Service provides the objective judgement and quality assurance your writing needs.

Where a more comprehensive service is required (i.e. if you hold limited English skills or require expertise in structure, formatting or the re-writing of text passages), then you should select the Copy editing Service.

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Proofreading Service

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In response to our academic & business clients, we are happy to offer institutional invoicing.  An invoice will be sent to the person authorising payment, for processing by your institution. We will process your work immediately & return it to you as soon as authorisation is confirmed.  For an instant service, our on-line payment system is guaranteed secure & we accept all major debit / credit cards, as well as the PayPal secure system.  All invoiced payments must be made by direct bank transfer or through our on-line secure facility within 30 days of receipt.  


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